Styled in Indonesian Architecture of the 1990s, the concept has been designed and build locally, boasts of a warm tranquil with well preserved rustic wooden and rattan furnishing. A Yesterday's Charm in the Heart of Medan you would not want to miss after having to lived in a demographic world with high modern technologies.

Soechi International Hotel Medan at North Sumatera Indonesia is genuinely local with global standards. Uniquely intriguing experiences you will have in conversing in the Language of Bahasa Indonesia, sumptuous fresh & local food available to tease your appetite yet enjoying your stay in comfort of an international hotel standard. Go back in time and enjoy songs from our strollers at Mawar Lounge or rediscovering the golden age of Traditional Gentlemen's Barber at the Hong Kong Plaza and experience how our grand father used to go for a simple haircut compared to the modern saloon we all are used to now. Otherwise, enjoy our in room ancient Indonesian traditional massage therapy or relax at our gazebo and have our therapist to massage your feet and legs to unwind while reading your favourite magazine by the pool.
Are your an adventurer? Do not admit it if you've never do adventuring with us!


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