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Q: What is the price per room?

A: We use dynamic rate system, so room rates are subject to change according to the circumstances at our hotel.

Q: Is the price listed on the website room rate includes breakfast?

A: Yes, the room price includes a breakfast

Q: Where exactly is Soechi International Hotel and how to achieve it?

A: Location of Hotel Soechi International precisely located in Cirebon No Way. 76 A – Field, adjacent to the intersection Pandu. Average – the average public transport driver in Medan locate our hotel, so enough informed to the driver’s vehicle, then you’ll be right in front of our hotel.

Q: Is there a shuttle service from the airport to the Hotel Soechi International?

A: Yes, we provide it. For confirmation, please directly contact the reservation on the telephone number 061 4561234

Q: Can I cancel my reservation? And will there be a refund on my canceled transaction?

A: You may cancel the order, but sorry, we can not refund.

Q: How to check in on the day ordered?

A: Check in at the hotel we were able to do over at 13.00 pm (noon), you can just show print-out transactions along with your ID.

Q: Can I make a change of name if it turns out I was unable to attend on the day that my message?

A: Sorry, you can’t do that.

Q: Where can I get more complete information about online hotel reservation system Soechi International?

A: You can directly contact the reservation on the telephone number 061-4561234

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